Aerial images of the new stadium

Main access view from the west, and in a lower level the future pedestrian street with access to several commercial spaces (shop, museum, etc.). / PHOTO: FCC
After finishing the placement of the upper and lower stands, the construction continues in the middle stand./ PHOTO: FCC
Aerial view of the new stadium. / PHOTO: FCC
Convergence of the east side and the north end. / PHOTO: FCC
Aerial view where you can see the renovation works going on in the upper west stand. / PHOTO: FCC
The fans will enjoy the wide open spaces around the stadium which will help the traffic. / PHOTO: FCC
The new stadium, with the Madrid skyline in the background. / PHOTO: FCC
Aerial view of the new construction with the southeast corner firstly. / PHOTO: FCC
The construction works keep going on rapidly. / PHOTO: FCC
The nearest metro entrance of the stadium will be in the southwest area, just 50 meters from the stadium. / PHOTO: FCC