We're living in strange times in which our customs have changed, in which we can't go to work or to school, in which we can't hug our loved ones, in which we can't cheer Atleti on from the stands...

These times are about memories. Forlán's goal in Hamburg, sixty thousand Atléticos in Barcelona, the roar of The Tiger in Bucharest, Super Cups in Monaco, Miranda's header and Atleti's flag waving on the Bernabeu pitch, thousands of children in Neptune, a league won against the mighty and the Camp Nou applauding, the tears and the pride of being an Atleti fan in Lisbon and Milan, the deafening songs under the pouring rain at the Calderón, the "They Cannot Understand It" and "Never Stop Believing", El Niño lifting the Europa League trophy, our legends saying goodbye to the Calderón, the Wanda Metropolitano inauguration, the revenge in Lyon, 60,739 Atléticos cheering for our women's team, the hundreds of boys and girls in our Academy, the second place in the UEFA ranking, the tie against Liverpool, the first club member and the 130,660th one...

These are times when you can't forget that the best decade in the history of Atlético de Madrid was built together, with the struggle and the support of all of us: club members, fan clubs, players, coaches, physiotherapists, kitmen, doctors, employees, managers, partners...

These are times of great economic effort and of sporting uncertainty for Atlético de Madrid. It's time to be together, to help each other, to contribute, to preserve our values of humility, effort, courage and heart... Only in this way will we be able to maintain all that we have achieved together.

These are, undoubtedly, times to support each other, to strengthen our bonds, to reinforce our beliefs. Because something is for sure: you will continue to be an Atleti fan.

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