These are unprecedented times when we have to adapt to new circumstances and learn to do things differently. We are all facing new challenges that need to be overcome.

Atlético de Madrid is also facing a completely new situation, both on a sporting and economic level, a situation where we will have to play some matches without our supporters cheering our team on from the stands. These are times when we need to reinvent ourselves, and that is why we are modifying the way of being an Atleti club member, by adapting to the new circumstances and thus allowing members to enjoy a whole range of new benefits and advantages even in the months when matches are played behind closed doors.

In addition, the Red & White family is growing, and we have reached 130,660 members. Everyone lives and feels the Atleti passion in their own way. We have more and more members outside of Madrid, spread all over Spain and the world. And the needs and preferences of each of our members are increasingly different. That is why we must give our supporters the opportunity to choose how and when they want to enjoy the advantages of being a member. You will be the one to decide.

Because of this, we have modified the way of being a club member: we have separated the membership fee from the season ticket subscription, we have unified the advantages and benefits for all club members (whether they're season ticket holders or not), all club membership fees will be renewed at the same time so that everybody can enjoy the advantages during the whole year and we have modified the membership categories to encourage children and young people to enjoy their passion for Atleti.

And those who, in addition to being club members, want to regularly attend the matches played at the Wanda Metropolitano and always have the same seat reserved, can add the type of subscription that best suits their preferences: LaLiga Pass, Full Pass, Mid-season pass, Parking pass or any other type offered. 

Remember, these are the main changes to being an Atlético de Madrid club member: