Low temperatures another enemy

Atletico will fight the cold with Nike thermal materials such as, vests, pants, hats, gloves...

  UEFA Europa League 2012-13. Adrián arrastra su maleta a la llegada a Moscú
Adrián López. / FOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez.

Atletico Madrid will come up against a terrible enemy in Russia: the cold. The 'General Winter' will be the greatest challenge on the visit to Russia. This mercury will hover between a maximum of -4 degrees and a minimum of -13 degrees. At 21.00 hours, when the game is played on Thursday, the thermometer will be around -11 degrees Celsius, temperatures that are not the norm in Spain.

One of the major concerns of the medical team is to combat the intense cold. They will travel with numerous material from club sponsor Nike, such as gloves, thermal vests, thermal pants, hats, blankets and other gear to protect from elements of cold and the turf, such as boots for ice and artificial grass, another enemy the team will find at the Luzhniki Stadium.

In addition, players will have more heat input thanks to gel dressings that create a heat source when placed in gloves, footwear or abdominal area that will complement the rest of the clothes provided by Nike to combat the cold.

Something that will not help warm up the Luzhniki Olympic stadium will be the fact that the 73,000 capacity stadium will barely have a thousand fans there.