Atlético fall in the final against Valencia

Atlético de Madrid fell in the final against a very accurate Valencia team. It was a good final which made it clear at the level of our homegrown team, that they rub their shoulders with the best.

Atlético de Madrid, the bright finalist in Arona

Mario Soriano put the icing on the cake with a phenomenal job by the entire team. Atlético de Madrid beat Juventus in the semifinals and will play the final against Valencia today at 19:10 (CET).

We will receive Arsenal at the Sports City

Atlético de Madrid will face Arsenal in a single-elimination match at Majadahonda's Sports City in the Youth Champions League round of 16 that will be played the 24th of February.

Leaders despite the setback

Our Youth League team lost 0-2 in a matchup against Olympiacos thanks to goals from Androutsos and Garefalakis.

Ian and Zubi gave the victory to Atlético B

Atlético B beat the U19 Indonesian national team thanks to two goals from Zubi and Ian, which enabled them to overcome Paulo Sittanggang’s initial goal.