Back to training on Friday, September 4

This Friday the pre-season kicks off at the Wanda Atlético de Madrid Training Complex located in Majadahonda. Following strict protocol measures set by LaLiga, the activity will resume to prepare for the 20/21 season. Starting from September 7, training sessions will move to Los Ángeles de San Rafael to shape up for LaLiga debut against Granada.

The 2020/21 season will take off soon and our team will get back to work on Friday, September 4. Sessions will run at the Wanda Atlético de Madrid Training Complex located in Majadahonda until the end of the week, to later move operations to Los Ángeles de San Rafael from Monday, September 7. Following tradition, our pre-seasons are particularly demanding in Los Ángeles de Rafael, and the team will work relentlessly to shape up for our debut. Strict protocols and measures will be followed prior to resuming LaLiga 2020/21 season.

As per usual, the team will be based in Los Ángeles de San Rafael but the length of the preseason will be shortened this year. The entire team is summoned except for the international players who are disputing games with their national teams. This year will feature exciting challenges and the pre-season will set the tone to take on a demanding campaign with three competitions: LaLiga, UEFA Champions League and “Copa del Rey”.

After having disputed the UCL quarter-finals during August, our team will start off the league on matchday 3, kicking off the season on the weekend of September 26 against Granada.