Amazing game against Cádiz

Griezmann (2), Morata, Carrasco (penalty) and Molina scored the goal in a great match against Cádiz. Atlético climbs to second place in the table.

Atleti came out against Cádiz with the aim of getting the game on track early. High pressure, speed with the ball in their possession and a successful finisher. Our team had total control and very soon the goal arrived. The second minute had not been completed when Carrasco's run down the left ended up in the domain of Griezmann who, as soon as he received the ball, had chosen where he was going to put it, in the cage, tight to the left post of the yellow goal.

Griezmann was in stellar form. He appeared everywhere. He was as quick to organize the attack on the right as he was on the left. He moved like a fish in water in an indeterminate zone, seemingly undetectable for the yellows. Suddenly, the Frenchman appeared and there was danger. Backed by a midfield that worked like a charm, with Lemar, Koke and De Paul very successful, the fans enjoyed the good play of the team.

The star of the night, Griezmann, again led another lethal attack against Cadiz in the 27th minute. A play that started from the back with Giménez coming off the ball, the ball passed through Molina until it reached Griezmann, who saw Lemar on the penalty spot, gave him a pass that the latter returned with a masterful wall that the '8' turned into the 2-0 with a shot that lodged near the right post.

The Frenchman was inspired and in the 39th minute he created another chance with a pass to Morata, the latter's shot was saved by Conan and Carrasco's subsequent shot went just wide. And, in the 41st, Griezmann's cross was touched by a defender and the rebound went to Morata who crashed the ball into the crossbar. The game went to the break with the score at 2-0 and with the feeling that one more goal could have come.

The second half had the same script as the first. And very soon a new goal would arrive. This time Hermoso would be the assistant who put the ball for Morata to beat Conan low. Griezmann's festival continued and three minutes later he served Molina, who came in like a bullet on the right but the Argentine's shot went slightly wide. But what would come was the first penalty of the season. Lemar crossed inside the area, Alcaraz touched the ball with his hand and Soto Grado, at the request of the VAR and after consulting the monitor, pointed out the penalty that Carrasco was in charge of transforming into the 4-0.

Lozano, who had come on at halftime for Cádiz, was in charge of scoring the Cádiz goal of honor with a shot from the edge of the area. However, a minute later the 5-1 would come in another great play of ours, with a final pass from De Paul to Molina and this, after stopping for a moment, adjust the ball into the net. A great game for our team, which takes one more step towards the Champions League qualification and climbs to the second place in the standings with this win.