A tribute to the Manzanares in Red & White

We present the first two kits for next season. The Red & White one is inspired by the meanders of the river where the legendary Vicente Calderón stadium was located. The second one will be black with dark blue and light blue details. And on 26 April we will be 120 years old and we will celebrate it with a commemorative shirt.

Our new kits for the 2022-23 season are here. Continuing with the line of tributes to our history that we made last season with '75 years honouring your name', the first kit for next season is inspired by a Red & White icon: the Manzanares river. Thousands of Atleti fans remember the matches they played next to the river that gave its name to the Vicente Calderón stadium in its early years. Many saw their Red & White passion born walking along its banks on their way to a new match of their beloved Atleti. So, after paying tribute to the stadium in the third kit of last season, Nike designers were asked to do the same with the Manzanares, and this is their interpretation in a shirt that simulates the meanders of the river, the iconic image of our former stadium. The kit is completed with blue shorts and red socks with a blue upper part.

  Equipación Temporada 22-23

The second kit is black combined with dark blue and light blue details, with the shorts and socks following the same colour combination.

  Equipación Temporada 22-23

The first two kits will go on sale on 16 July.

A month later, and prior to the start of the Champions League, we will see the presentation of the third kit, which will be accompanied by its own design line and which will be closely related to the start of the main club competition.

And the big surprise of the season awaits us on a very special day for all the Atleti fans. On 26 April 2023 our beloved Atleti will be 120 years old. To celebrate it we will present a very special shirt, inspired by the one worn by our players in the first official match in history, with blue and white colours, and with the original club badge on the chest. A tribute to 120 years of Red & White passion and to the many more to come. Aúpa Atleti!

  Equipación Temporada 22-23

The women's team kits will continue for another season with the logo of their official sponsor, Herbalife Nutrition. The main sponsor of the men's first team has not yet been announced.