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Atlético de Madrid Foundation

Atlético de Madrid Foundation Technical Football Schools

Schools Registration Form

To register, you must fill out the following form. Once completed, you will receive an e-mail confirming the registration. Places are limited.

Data from the parents or tuthor

Persons authorized to collect the participant

Responsible 1:

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Participant data

Have a disease , allergy or require any medication?

Do you Suffer any allergies or food intolerances? (Even if it is slight)

Specific training


The Campus has a sports accident insurance for all participants, however, students must prove having a common contingency health insurance.



External Club

External Club (translation missing: en.campus_referencia_forms.precio_semana)

General * ( Pago con reserva ) Pago único
399 € 360 €
General con descuento * ( Pago con reserva ) Pago único con descuento
380 € 340 €

* Place reservation for week: 200 €

* Suplemento del servicio de ruta por semana: 50 € (Route Méndez Álvaro - Majadahonda round trip (50 euros week).)

Internal Club (translation missing: en.campus_referencia_forms.precio_quincena)

General * ( Pago con reserva ) Pago único
1.555 € 1.480 €
General con descuento * ( Pago con reserva ) Pago único con descuento
1.455 € 1.380 €

* Reserva de plaza: 600 €

Travel Service

You need bus route service?

* en, campus_referencia_forms, ruta Route Méndez Álvaro - Majadahonda round trip (50 euros week). en, campus_referencia_forms, ruta_precio

Opt in to any discount?

Opt in to any discount?

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Data protection

As a parent/guardian, I AUTHORISE my child to attend the referenced school. I declare that the child does not suffer any physical illness or physical disability by which he/she cannot participate in the school and, in case of suffering either, it is specified in the relevant section. Likewise, I give permission for, if necessary, he/she be examined in an appropriate centre, as well as adopt any possible medical and surgical decisions that may be arise in case of extreme urgency under the appropriate medical management. I will not be able to demand any liability for injuries that could originate as a result of the sporting activity that is carried out under the authority of the Atlético de Madrid Foundation. The latter may use TV images and photographs of the children in the activities carried out by the Foundation, exclusively to divulge and promote its activities.

The Club Atlético de Madrid Foundation will have insurance to cover accidents for all its participants. We inform you that under the provisions of Law 50/1980 of taking out insurance policies, art.83, we cannot take out insurance for the death of children under fourteen or disabled.

Schools Regulations
1. The times of the scheduled activities must be observed.
2. The instructions of the instructors and coaches must be followed.
3. In order to preserve the safety and privacy of minors, it is forbidden to have mobile phones or other electronic devices on schools. The instructor will centralise all communications with parents. The Foundation is not responsible for the damage or loss of any device or valuable object.
4. The treatment of classmates, instructors and coaches will be correct, not being allowed the use of disrespectful or offensive language. Abuse - whether physical, verbal or psychological - of any participant, whether student or coach/instructor, will be punished.
5. It is forbidden to use drugs, tobacco and alcohol in the facilities during the duration of the camp.
6. The schools facilities and natural environment must be respected and cared for. Each participant will be responsible for the care and order of all his/her personal objects. It is mandatory to maintain the facilities (field of play, residence, dining room, etc.) in order.
7. Personal hygiene should be taken care of daily.
8. It is forbidden to appropriate objects from others.

In case of non-compliance with any of the previous rules, the organization reserves the right, after assessing the seriousness of the breached rules, to terminate the student's participation in the schools, at the expense of the parents/guardians, which entails the picking up of the participant, as well as the damages caused in case of them being the reason for the termination.


Price and payment

Payment method