Stadium Metropolitano 1923-1966

You can now visit in Territorio Atleti the temporary exhibition Stadium Metropolitano 1923-1966, dedicated to the third stadium in the history of Atlético de Madrid. Last 13 May was the 100th anniversary of its inauguration and on this anniversary, the exhibition takes a journey through the historic moments that took place in the 43 years of the stadium's existence.

Through objects distributed on the walls and in the showcases of the hall, the visitor will be able to see, exclusively and for a limited time, documents and objects related to the Stadium Metropolitano between 1923 and 1966: photos of its architectural evolution, posters, press documents, tickets, ID cards, pennants, letters, magazines, brochures and postcards.

The Stadium Metropolitano was the first major stadium in the history of our club after the Campo del Retiro (1903-1913) and the Campo de O'Donnell (1913-1923). Its construction was promoted by the Otamendi brothers (builders of the Madrid Metro), as an enclosure for the practice of other sporting disciplines beyond football.

The grounds on which it was located were at the end of Avenida de la Reina Victoria, less than a kilometre from Cuatro Caminos Metro station. It had an initial capacity of 25,000 spectators and the Otamendi's idea was that all the Madrid teams would play at the Stadium on a rental basis. In the end, only our club played there, and it was not until 1950 that they took ownership of the stadium. In 1966 it closed its doors with the transfer to the Manzanares Stadium.

The importance of the old Metropolitano meant that in 2017 our current stadium was inaugurated with the same name, as a tribute to a stadium that witnessed some of the most brilliant moments in red and white history, such as the winning of 3 Leagues (1950, 1951 and 1966), 3 Generalisimo Cups (1960, 1961 and 1965) and 1 European Cup Winners' Cup (1962).

Come to Territorio Atleti, delve into the Red & White values and visit this exhibition, at no extra cost, taking advantage of your visit.

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