Territorio Atleti launches the "Meeting the Legends”

One Friday afternoon a month, Territorio Atleti opens a new window to our history and Red & White values. In addition to the stadium tour, you will have the opportunity to meet two club legends.

The meeting with them will take place in our museum, in the stand where the Calderón's own seats are located. There you will take a seat and have a dialogue with the legends, who will share their memories, recount their experiences, relive matches, and surely reminisce about anecdotes that are part of our history.

Of course, there will be time to greet the legends, enjoy the moment, and take photos. Your "Meeting the Legends" will be a journey through time filled with passion and emotion.
It has limited capacity, which allows you to be close to the player in a family atmosphere, offering a unique experience that brings the history and values of the red and white to all generations. It also includes taking the stadium tour in free mode before the meeting with our legends.

Each month, the respective dates of the meetings will be announced, as well as the names of the attending players and the theme. The next one scheduled is:

• Friday, February 16th at 4:00 PM: "Atleti in the 80s", with Ruiz, Clemente & Pedraza.

• Friday, March 1st: "Atleti in the 60s", with Adelardo & Mendonça.

• Friday, April 12th: "Atleti in the 90s", with Abel Resino & Manolo.

• Friday, May 17th: "La Liga of 1977", with Luiz Pereira, Marcelino Pérez, Javier Bermejo & Eugenio Leal.

There will be players from different eras and positions, so that all generations have visibility, highlighting our 120 years.

We await you at Territorio Atleti, the heart of the Club's history.