We visited Air Homes Club, the new smart city next to Los Ángeles de San Rafael

Few of our first team members together with Diego Simeone and Nelson Vivas, first and second managers of our team, took advantage of the traditional preseason training at Segovia to meet first hand, the new sustainable project. A project that bets for new technologies and renewable energies with the purpose of offering to its residents and in a unique environment, the best quality life possible.

 Atletico de Madrid is currently going through the traditional preseason preparation in Los Ángeles de San Rafael, a key and privileged decision made a couple of years ago with the objective of kicking off the season more than ready. In addition, the complex serves as the headquarters for a few of our Academy´s concentration teams. First team members taking part in this preparation (Oblak, Grbic, Hermoso, Savic, Arias, Saúl, Kondogbia, Saponjic and Marcos Paulo), together with our first and second managers, Diego Pablo Simeone and Nelson Vivas, took advantage of their stay at Segovia to meet first hand Air Homes Club, the future smart city that will be developed in the same area.

Likewise, they were able to meet first hand the project for Sierra de Guadarrama, one that bets for new technologies with the purpose of building a sustainable city that provides its citizens with a high-quality life. At Air Homes Club they firmly believe in energy efficiency, ensuring that air-polluting emissions remain as low as possible and watching out for air´s quality index to stay at high-quality standards. Energy efficiency is one of the project´s basic essentials, as it reduces electric consumption between 24% and 50%, saves 40% of households water waste, allows for a 33% decrease in CO2 emissions, saves 70% costs in the managing of residuals and all these, with a 100% renewable energies. Moreover, sport will also become one of the project´s principal axis, as residents from the complex will have access to a golf course, a natural lake suitable for aquatic sports, a gym, and training fields. Many of these facilities are not only used by our first team but by many others from our Academy and in order to train for this preseason and other concentrations throughout the year.