The home kit will pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Vicente Calderón

The shirt stands out for the intensity of the three red and white stripes, which remind of the original kit of the 1966/1967 season, the first campaign we played in the Vicente Calderón.

The home kit for the 2016/2017 season will pay tribute to the 50 years since the opening of the Vicente Calderón, that was inaugurated on the 2nd of October, 1966. The shirt stands out for its three spacious e intense red stripes that will remind of the home kit worn in the Vicente Calderón in the 1966/1967 season.

The home kit, inspired in the opening season of the Calderón

In addition, the shirt has a round collar with a navy blue band. On the side it has blue stripes that extend from the shirt to the shorts, while the sleeves and the shoulders will be red to contrast with the rest of the shirt. The shorts are blue, like the socks, which also have a red linear pattern. 

The new kits will feature the latest technology of Nike Dri-FIT, that allows body sweat to be absorbed so players can perform to their fullest. It has ventilation holes that increase air circulation and help to the adjustment of body temperature.

All the kit is manufactured with recycled polyester, obtained from recycled plastic bottles that are melted to get a very fine thread. You can now buy the first kit on the online store