Simeone: “It was a hard-fought match”

Our coach, Oblak and Thomas reacted to the 0-0 draw.

Simeone analysed Saturday’s 0-0 draw against Real Madrid.

“It was a very hard-fought match. You could tell from the starting XIs that both teams wanted to defend well and break. We were the better side in the first half but were unable to score. In the second half Oblak denied a Benzema header. We have to improve,” the Argentine said.

Our goalkeeper was unhappy with the result, but claimed the draw was fair.

“We earned a point. We wanted to win but couldn’t in the end. The game was evenly matched and the draw is fair. The fans were spectacular as always. We’ll try to improve in our next clash,” Oblak said.

Thomas, who was voted man of the match by the fans, also shared his thoughts on the derby.

“It’s a useful point, but we did all we could to earn the win. The team’s work was phenomenal. I’m happy with my performance, but I’m more interested in the team’s good work,” our midfielder said.