Names of club members now displayed in dressing room tunnel

The names of our 126,214 club members are now displayed in the Wanda Metropolitano dressing room tunnel.

The name of every Atlético de Madrid member is now displayed in the Wanda Metropolitano dressing room tunnel. It’ll be the last thing the players see before every home game, and they’ll feel the support of the thousands of members the club has around the world, whether you live in Madrid or in the other side of the world.

The names make up the words CORAJE and CORAZÓN (“courage” and “heart”) – which define Atlético de Madrid’s identity and are part of the club’s anthem.

There currently 126,214 members, and their names, surnames and membership numbers have been included. From club member No. 1 Pedro Palmero to Spaniard Carmen Martínez, who was the last person to join, every name is now displayed at our stadium.

The stadium tour runs through the tunnel, so the people who visit us on a daily basis will also be able to see all your names. Remember that club members have a 50% discount on our tour and museum tickets. Purchase your tickets here.

The wall will be updated at the start of the second round of LaLiga to include the names of the new Atlético de Madrid members. If you wish to join the great Red & White family now and want your name to appear on the Wanda Metropolitano tunnel, click here.

This new feature can only be enjoyed by Atlético de Madrid members. It joins other new features for the 2020/21 season, such as the 25€ Gift Voucher, the new private online shop for members, the 50% discount on Territorio Atleti, the new youth category for Atleti fans between ages 14 and 24 and the extension of the Infantil category until 13 years of age. Other previous benefits are also maintained.

Join the great Red & White family now and become an Atleti club member by clicking here.

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