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Koke sponsors the Foundation's prostate cancer awareness campaign

Our player was the protagonist of a campaign launched by the Atlético de Madrid Foundation together with Jannsen and Ipsen associations to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

Koke Resurrección and the Atlético de Madrid Foundation have shown their support to the prostate cancer awareness campaign launched by the Jannsen and Ipsen associations. The event took place in the press conference room of the Ciudad Deportiva Wanda and was attended by Adelardo Rodríguez, president of the Atlético de Madrid Foundation; Koke Resurrección, midfielder of our first team; Ana Peiró, medical and regulatory affairs director of Ipsen Iberia; and Alejandro González, patient advocacy of Janssen.

Prostate cancer affects more than 100,000 men in Spain, with an approximate number of 33,000 new cases annually that do not always present symptoms. For this reason, this campaign tries to raise awareness of the importance of carrying out periodic revisions for their prevention. The most commonly used test is the PSA blood test, so the campaign is called #PaSAlaprueba.

Koke was happy to collaborate with this campaign: "I am proud to be able to contribute a little bit to society to make people become conscious about prevention. The players try to prevent the injuries we suffer and this kind of illnesses can also be prevented. We are often reluctant to go to the doctor and it can be crucial in saving our lives.”

Ana Peiró said that "our commitment to patients also involves offering them the necessary support so that prostate cancer is known and understood in society". For his part, Alejandro Gonzalez highlighted that "this type of campaign is essential to give greater visibility to prostate cancer. Thanks to the support of Atlético de Madrid, we will be able to reach society and normalize periodic visits to specialists."