Griezmann: “We played a good match”

Juanfran, Griezmann, Torres, Lucas, Gabi and Carrasco answered the media in the mixed zone of the Camp Nou.

PHOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez

Griezmann analysed the fixture: "As in the League, we have played a very good match here, but with the sending off, everything has become very complicated. They still had eleven and we faced the best team in the world. It was complicated and we wanted to keep the result, but they have made a difference."

Juanfran noted: "We have our hopes, we are alive and obviously, we want to be in the semi-finals, now we’re going to fight, we’re going to row, it’s very complicated, but we will have options at home."

For his part, Lucas said: "We know that we're not dead and we still have a match at the Calderón with our people.

Fernando Torres assessed his sending off in the first half of the match: "It’s a pity that it happened because I believe it has changed the match. I think there are two situations that may result in a card or not. I think that at this level they should not have resulted in such and they have marked the knockout round completely."  

In addition, Gabi, the captain, said: "We have to hold on to the Calderón to advance."  

Lastly, Yannick Carrasco said: "In the end, it’s not a bad result, we have scored way from home and for the second leg match we are confident with our fans cheering for us, so I think that we can achieve it."