Gregorio Manzano: 'I feel for our fans who have come to the stadium'

Atletico coach appeared at a news conference after the game

Gregorio Manzano was upset with the defeat against Getafe. The Atletico coach said, 'It was a total disaster. I have no words to explain the metamorphosis of the team since Thursday's game today. You have to analyse it but it is not easy to explain.  Sorry for all our fans who came to the game. In the end, we only have ourselves to blame for this defeat. '   Atletico coach found no explanation. 'There have been situations in which the team must know how to interpret the game. In this case, numerical superiority and in front, one must knon how to play the game with much more intelligence. We have paid dearly for the misinterpretation of the game. Getafe have done well, mounted a counterattack with one less player. I am very angry with world-class players who have not know how to interpret this phase of the game.'   As to whether this loss was more painful than the Nou Camp, Manzano said, 'painful, inexplicable, surprising, and all the superlatives you want to put. We must come to Getafe to win. It is the game of the season in which I'm most hurt.'