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Fernando Torres: the new face of the 2024/25 season's membership card

The Atlético's membership card for the coming season will feature the legendary face of this Atletico star, echoing previous seasons in which the club has honoured other figures such as José Eulogio Gárate, Luis Aragonés, Adelardo Rodríguez, Paulo Futre and Enrique Collar.


The Atlético 2024/25 membership card pays special tribute to the legend Fernando Torres. In so doing, all members –both season ticket holders and non-season ticket holders– shall have the face of ‘El Niño’ stamped on their Atlético ID card, thus celebrating one of the all-time superstars of our history. Now, if you are still not a member, you may now join the club here! And, in case you are looking for a season ticket, here you can find all the information you need.

Our club proudly remembers the legends that have worn our colours and who have become cornerstones in the Club's major achievements. In former seasons, these were José Eulogio Gárate, one of the most talented strikers and most loved by the Atlético family; Luis Aragonés, a player and coach of this club who is recognised by all generations of ‘rojiblancos’ as one of their true icons; Adelardo Rodríguez, the second most capped player in the club's history with more games than any other footballer in the club's history, with 553 matches; Paulo Futre, one of the most beloved players by our faithful; and finally, Enrique Collar, the player with the most seasons –a total of ten – captaining our team.

  Debut Fernando Torres

As for Fernando Torres –born on 20 March 1984 in Fuenlabrada (Madrid)– he is the twelfth player to have worn our colours the most times in official matches (404), as well as our sixth all-time top scorer (129 goals).

  Fernando Torres

Over the years, his career has become a living legent through his own merits, leaving an everlasting sporting and human imprint on all the teams he has been a part of. A ‘Niño’ who proudly showed his Atlético spirit wherever he went. From next season onwards, all Atlético fans will do the same with his membership card.