Atlético de Madrid opens its new store at the TresAguas Shopping Centre

President and Managing Director lead the Atlético representation

Club Atlético de Madrid has taken another step in their growth and expansion as an organization. On Thursday 25 November, the Club presented its new official store at the TresAguas in Alcorcón, the first to be opened in a shopping centre. The ceremony, which caused great expectation amongst the attendees, began just past 7 o’clock in the evening.

Mr. Enrique Cerezo (President of Club Atlético de Madrid) and Mr. Miguel Ángel Gil (Managing Director of the organization) headed the ‘rojiblanco’ representation at the event. Both were accompanied by several first squad players, Emilio Álvarez (Goalkeeping coach), Raúl García, David De Gea, Diego Godín, Álvaro Domínguez and Borja. All of them wanted to be there for the opening of a new ‘rojiblanco’ temple, a place where people will be able to purchase all types of garments, accessories and other official Club Atlético de Madrid articles.

The opening of this new shop is another step in the development and growth in several areas. The location of this space is unbeatable, as it is situated in Alcorcón, next to the future Sports Complex and in a fantastic area of urban and commercial development. This collaborative project with Nike will take up a total of 200 m2 with storage. The official collection, athletic footwear and complete line of Club merchandise will be available therein. Additionally, screen-printing will be offered, as usual and as already occurs in the shop located inside Estadio Vicente Calderón.

Besides the sale of various official articles of the Club, a multitude of activities will be organized in this new space such as players’ signing of autographs, ticket sales, Atlético fan club meetings, expositions of the Atlético de Madrid Museum and a long list of events. The club thus continues its development in the areas of licensing and merchandising with more than 50 licenses and agreements.

This new ‘rojiblanco’ store represents the first stone for what will soon be the Atlético de Madrid Sports Complex in Alcorcón, which will be located just 400 metres from the TresAguas shopping centre.

At the inauguration act, and before moving on to the exchange of keepsake gifts, Mr. Enrique Cerezo commented that “the inauguration of the official Atlético de Madrid shop at the TresAguas shopping centre is a very important event for our organization, as it represents a significant step in the expansion process of the Club, in addition to being a clear demonstration of the growing attractiveness of our BRAND and its products. As everyone knows, Atlético de Madrid enjoys the best and most loyal group of supporters in the world. And after the success achieved last season, in which our club was the only one to win a European double, the affinity of our fans towards the club has multiplied.”

“The combination of all of these aspects, commercial and social, has therefore made the appearance of another shop necessary, to supply the growing demand of our products after the success achieved with the official store at Estadio Vicente Calderón. The location of this space at the TresAguas Shopping Centre in Alcorcón is another element that needs to be highlighted, as it is in one of the areas with the greatest commercial and urban development in the Community of Madrid, and only 400 metres from the future Atlético de Madrid Sports Complex, a unique site, which will also emerge in this central zone of the city,”
he emphasized.

Mr. Enrique Cerezo stated that “for his reason, the inauguration of the present shop acquires an even more significant value, as it constitutes our first presence in an influential strategic area, in which we’re going to carry out one of the most important projects for our organization. The official shop in TresAguas isn’t designed to be a simple commercial place for selling Atlético de Madrid products, but rather an exclusive place of communication and interaction with our social masses, as it will offer a multitude of services, activities and events which will seek out the active participation of our supporters, so that they can consider this store to be THEIR place, in which they can feel closer to the Club and to our players.

“I’d like to thank Nike’s General Manager, on behalf of his company, for the effort made in the planning and development of so many aspects that have influenced the conception of this commercial space in which we find ourselves today, and which has been conceived as a meeting and leisure point for football fans in general, and those of Atlético in particular. The only thing left for me to do is to toast to the success of this new ‘rojiblanco’ temple, which I hope will bear the desired fruits very soon,”
he concluded.

For his part, Juan Alonso (President of the TresAguas Shopping Centre) commented that “we’ve made a big effort for Atlético de Madrid to be here; we all hope that the team continues to succeed.”

To wrap up the ceremony, the Mayor of Alcorcón (Enrique Cascallana) took the microphone and highlighted that “I’m proud to be here. Atlético de Madrid has an immediate future in Alcorcón. All of us together have worked to bring Atlético de Madrid here and have their new shop be the first stone of a new relationship between the organization and Alcorcón. The Atlético Sports Complex will be situated in a privileged area, in the most important green space in the Community of Madrid. Alcorcón has always closely identified with Atlético de Madrid. We consider them as a friendly club. We have to look towards the future, and we’ll grow with the help of everyone.”