Atlético de Madrid get their Cup tie on track by crushing Universidad (0-5)

Grand match by the ‘rojiblanco’ squad, which was far superior

The ‘rojiblanco’ team pretty much put away the Copa del Rey tie after easily beating Las Universidad de Las Palmas. Quique Sánchez Flores’ side was very serious and clearly superior to their opponent.
Atlético de Madrid had a big test at Gran Canaria stadium, a stadium which Las Palmas lent to their city neighbours, Universidad de Las Palmas, so that they could play their fixture against Atlético de Madrid. The precedent to this King’s Cup encounter was that from last season in Huelva, which Atleti lost 3-0. That made Quique Sánchez be on top of his players during the week to make sure that they didn’t repeat errors from the past.

The team from the Vicente Calderón came out with optimism in a tough match to prepare for from a psychological standpoint. They avoided any kind of scare from the opening whistle by taking control of the ball. With a triangle in the centre of the pitch, they were lord and master of the clash. Camacho, Fran Mérida and Mario Suárez tried to stake their claim in front of the close eye of Quique Sánchez Flores, who had to follow the game from the stands due to his one-match suspension.

The fact is that the match began with Atlético stuck in under the attentive gaze of the ‘rojiblanco’ faithful who had attended the stadium in the Canary Islands in droves. They dominated and held the reins in the midfield, but lacked a bit of depth in the early moments of the game, as the ball didn’t arrive to the strikers. Agüero, in minute 17, had to be the one with the first chance to open the scoring with a strong shot. It was the first warning for the ‘rojiblancos’.
Atlético continued in search of the prized goal, but it didn’t come. In minute 23, Godín finally tallied the first with a header off a corner kick. This goal spurred on the Atleti strikers, Agüero and Diego Costa, as it piqued their pride and they went after the goal more intensely. In minute 36 Agüero received a through ball inside the area. He was alone in front of the keeper, but instead of controlling the ball tried a first-time shot, which came out soft and off-target. It was a prelude to the goal that was about to come. In minute 41 the Argentine took in a pass with his back to goal. He turned and dribbled through all of the defenders who stepped in his path, and beat the onrushing goalkeeper with a low shot.

From that point on La Universidad de Las Palmas, which through themselves forwards in search of a goal, was a soft opponent. They tried with desire and hopes, but were unable to do anything due to the superiority of their opponent. Nothing changed after the halftime break. Everything continued as it was. Nevertheless, Atlético didn’t want to get overconfident and made a strong effort to score more goals.

In minute 47 Diego Costa, with a strong shot after a poor clearance from Eslava, notched the third. The goal motivated Kun Agüero, who wanted to grab another and was very incisive in search of the prized trophy. Minutes later, and after another mistake by the home team, Atlético scored their fourth. Diego Costa was unselfish and after intercepting an attempted clearance gave a square pass to Kun Agüero so that he could tap in for his second of the night.

The ‘rojiblanco’ squad showed that they know how to work hard, as it’s tough not to let down against inferior opponents, as in spite of their big lead they continued on the attack. Not even the incorporations of Filipe Luis and Alberto Perea changed the script. The ball was always in Universidad Las Palmas’ side. The fifth goal for the visitors was closer than a first for the home team. Alberto Perea had a chance in the 71st minute. He slalomed through several defenders, but left the ball behind at the last second. The minutes ticked down and the home side timidly approached De Gea’s area, but without accuracy. The encounter moved slowly towards the final whistle and Fran Mérida tallied the fifth and practically put the qualifying round in the bag for Atlético.
UNIVERSIDAD DE LAS PALMAS, 0;  ATLÉTICO, 5 (Agüero, 2, Godín, Diego Costa and Fran Mérida)

Universidad de Las Palmas: Vargas; Soto, Alberto Ferreres, Eslava, Alberto Hernández (Omar, 55’); Sergio Hernández (David Feito, 70’), Futre (Cristo Marrero, 63’), Eloy, Aridane; Ángel Sánchez and Cristo Martín.

Atlético: De Gea; Ujfalusi, Godín (Filipe Luis, 51’), Perea, Antonio López; Camacho, Raúl García (Alberto Perea, 65’), Fran Mérida, Mario Suárez; Diego Costa and Agüero (Reyes, 70’).

Referee: Parada Romero. For La Universidad Las Palmas showed a yellow card to Eslava (12’); and for Atlético booked Raúl García (14’) and Camacho (66’).

Incidents: Estadio Gran Canaria. First match of the Copa del Rey. Quique Sánchez Flores watched the game from a private box, as he was serving a one-game suspension. 13,161 spectators watched the encounter.


0-1 (23’). Godín heads in a corner kick taken by Fran Mérida.
0-2 (41’). Counter-attack led by Agüero, who marches past all defenders who stand in his way, and beats the outcoming goalkeeper with a low shot.
(47’). Diego Costa scores on a strong shot from inside the area after an error by Eslava.
0-4 (52’). Agüero taps in after a poor clearance by the goalkeeper, which Diego Costa intercepts and sets up the Argentine for an easy goal.
0-5 (83'). Fran Mérida scores from inside the area after pouncing on a loose ball to tally the fifth.