Atlético de Madrid Fan Tokens available on

Our fans will get the chance to participate in different competitions for the chance to win unique rewards.

In September 2019, we announced our partnership with Through the platform’s app, the Atleti fans all over the world will be able to interact with our team and compete for the chance to win unique rewards. To do so, our supporters will be able to purchase Fan Tokens that cost around €2 (depending on currency fluctuations). The more Tokens you own, the more chances you have to win exclusive prizes.

Starting today, thousands of Atlético de Madrid Fan Tokens will be made available for free throughout January. Tokens can be hunted for free through’s application via their in-app Augmented Reality feature. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of $CHZ – the exclusive digital currency of – will also be available to hunt for free. These can be exchanged for Fan Tokens later this month

How does it work? Using geo-location technology, places tokens at millions of ‘points of interest’ across the world, from stadiums to city centres. Fans can log in every day to collect both $CHZ and Fan Tokens. You just need to open your app to hunt them. Tokens will pop up in your vicinity and all you’ll need to do is tap on it. AR mode will be activated, the token will appear in augmented reality, and you’ll simply tap to add it to your in-app wallet.

The app is currently available to download on Android. An iOS release of the app is imminent. Get your Atlético de Madrid Fan Tokens for the chance to interact with our team and win unique rewards.