Adelard: "My best moment was winning the Intercontinental Cup"

We spoke to the player who has worn the red and white shirt most times in the history of the club.

Tomás Calvo

 Adelard Rodriguez knows perfectly the Atletico spirit. Nobody has worn the red and white shirt as often and can boast a track record like his. We review the differences between his Atletico and the current one.

- What is your best memory at Atletico?

To choose between the memories is difficult because I have so many such as League champion or League Cup winner, I'd have to say the Intercontinental Cup, which is the biggest title. It is, for me, the best time at Atletico. Everything you want, you have to work for and in this case the team won on merit.

- What time of the club's history would you choose as the best?

I think the era of the 60's doubles was perhaps the greatest time in the club. After that we’ve had teams that played better or worse, there are always good or regular seasons. When I played, I think the best moment was the time of Marcel Domingo and Max Merkel as coaches. Right now, with Simeone, the team ended a season in style with the Europa League and then winning the European Super Cup. In addition, the team's syle last year has been like something that we’ve not seen in a long time at Atleti.

- Which current player could you relate to?

I always try to say those who play in midfield. I try to tell them what I did and give them advice. Both Mario Suárez, Koke and Gabi I have a few things I would have liked and I had some things I would have liked to give them. Any of those three can be a great player in midfield.

- What do you miss from your time as a player at the club?

Maybe I miss my colleagues, friends who I made during my time at Atleti. I made great friends...the proof is that I have them still.

- What are the differences between the current and Atlético and the teams you were involved in?

It has been an average time up until recently, it seems that this team has raised its head. In football you have everything, victories and defeats, but I think that this Atleti is pretty good.

- In the history of the club, what role does the rojiblanco academy?

The academy fulfils an important role. I think we should support it because the proof is there that we have players who are competing in first team and they are great players. If the academy continues we will produce more players.

- Where can you this team go this season?

If things do not go wrong and luck is on our side and the team continues as it is doing we should not lose the third place. We have to maintain the distance over the other. Speaking of titles is complicated, but it the team is fighting on all fronts. The titles are not easy to win but being in competition you always have a chance.

- Evaluate the role of the youth in the growth of the club.

Players that are forged in the academy have a special love for the colours and that influences the team a lot.

- What steps should the club follow to continue to grow?

The policy the club currently has is pretty good. It seems that there is no much change in the squad and that makes a great team. I think this is achieved with time and work.

- Tell us what are the hallmarks that should guide the club in this way.

Above all, encourage the academy, which is a great asset of the club. And also to the fans, they arethe best I've seen.

- What Atleti dream would you like to become reality in the short term?

Undoubtedly, the title that we’ve yet to win, the Champions League. That is the one we’ve never been able to get. It is perhaps the only trophy that I didn’t win and it’s the most important.