The Wanda Metropolitano prepares for the raising of the tension ring

The steel cables, already connected to the lower and upper areas of the compression ring. / PHOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez
The outside of the concrete is also being treated. The difference in the colour of the areas that have already been treated and the ones to be treated in the future can be easily seen. / PHOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez
The concrete of the lower galleries has also been treated to have its final appearance. / PHOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez
Once the raising begins, the inside oval of cables will slowly rise until it reaches the height at which the roofing will go. / PHOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez
Detail of the compression ring with one of the cables. / PHOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez
The cables connect the structure of the compression ring, already installed on the stand, with the tension ring that will go over the grass and can now be seen on the pitch. / PHOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez
The structure of the compression ring as seen from below, with its walkway and several cables already connected. / PHOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez
The cables join the compression and tension rings together. / PHOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez
Wooden pallets are placed over the stands to protect the cables and other elements of the roofing before the raising. / PHOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez
The workers finalise the placement of the steel cables before raising the tension ring of the roofing of the Wanda Metropolitano. / PHOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez