Victory of a fighting team in San Mamés

The eleven Atlético players from the line-up pose for the media. Photo: A.G.
Koke skillfully leaves behind several rival players without losing the ball. Photo: A.G.
Acrobatic goal-shot by Diego Costa in the match against Athletic Club. Photo: A.G.
Diego Costa shoots for the goal under intense pressure by a defense from Athletic Club. Photo: A.G.
Diego Godín fights to head a flying ball in the Athletic Club box. Photo: A.G.
Perdect left-footed execution by Diego Costa in the play that tied the score. Photo: A.G.
Diego Costa celebrating his goal against Athletic Club in San Mamés. Photo: A.G.
Ernesto Valverde, Athletic Club's coach, instructs his players from the side-line. Photo: A.G.
The Atlético scorer, Diego Costa, demonstrated again his grat potential against the Basque team. Photo: A.G.
Filipe Luis celebrates with Diego Costa his goal against Athletic. Photo: A.G.
José Sosa makes a powerful jump to reach a high ball and make it his. Photo: A.G.
Filipe Luis directs the ball near the sede-line in San Mamés under the pressure of a rival player. Photo: A.G.
Juanfran passes the ball under the pressure of a player from Athletic Club. Photo: A.G.
Koke and Gabi embrace at the end of the match in San Mamés, celebrating the team's victory. Photo: A.G.
Koke overtakes a player from Athletic Club and steals the ball. Photo: A.G.
David Villa controls the ball whilst searching with his eyes for a team mate to make a pass. Photo: A.G.
Diego Pablo Simeone and Germán Burgos talking at the bench during the match against Athletic. Photo: A.G.
Arda protects the ball with his body against the pressure from an Athletic Club player. Photo: A.G.
Raúl García struglles with an Athletic Club player to keep the ball. Photo: A.G.
Miranda wins a flying ball with a powerful header jump in Atleti's box. Photo: A.G.
Courtois firmly grabs a ball shot in his box by Athletic Club. Photo: A.G.
Gabi and José Sosa struggle to hold on to the ball against an Athletic player. Photo: A.G.