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The Wanda Metropolitano from the sky

Overhead image of the West façade where you can already imagine, by the traction ring, the form of the letters with the club's name that will be the spotlight of the middle stand. / Photo: FCC
The waterprofing work is going on on the floor and the stairs of the West platform. / Photo: FCC
The total surface of the roof is 46.5000 square meters. When you see how small the workers appear on the surface you realize how big the work is. / Photo: FCC
In the spotlight, overhead view of the thermal power station of the stadium. On the left, the structure of the cylinder that will connect the platform with the shop in the commercial area on a lower level. / Photo: FCC
The installation of the radial panels keeps covering the stand more and more. / Photo: FCC
While the work of the radial panels goes on, the installation of the projection keeps its progress at the same time. It will shield the spectators while they approach the stadium. / Photo: FCC
The waterproof material of the radial panels and the upper side of the projection is the same: Polytetrafluoroethylene. / Photo: FCC.
The pavilion of the South end, that was used during the process of building the stands, is now being disassembled. / Photo: FCC.
The projection of the roof goes up and down at the perimeter of the stadium generating an spectacular effect. / Photo: FCC.
Next to the West stand you can see the ditches for the installations in which the works are happening. / Photo: FCC.
The curbs that can be seen in the spotlight will limit the parking spots for the supporter's club buses allocated next to the East side. / Photo: FCC.
The roof will safeguard 96% of the seating capacity. / Photo: FCC.
Detail of the space of the radial panels of the roof yet to be placed at the South end. / Photo: FCC.
At the North end only the radial panels are yet to be installed, placed at both sides of the runway that connects the traction and compression ring. / Photo: FCC.