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The roof now covers the entire north end

The roof now covers all the stands of the north endo fo the Wanda Metropolitano. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
You can appreciate the difference in the tone between the panels placed last (darker), to the right, and the first ones installed (lighter), to the left. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
The colour of the panels lightens when it gets in contact with the air until it reaches a tone that will be uniform throughout the roof. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
The Wanda Metropolitano will have a unique audiovisual support in Spanish stadiums that is now being installed. It is a 360º ribbon board by Lg that will be placed between the lower and middle stand of the Wanda Metropolitano. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
Once the LED ring is installed in its entirety, it will cover 530 square metres, an amazing area. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
View of the projection form the south end car park. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
The image of the roof in the south end almost looks as it will when it is finished. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
Perspective of the Wanda Metropolitano's projection from one of the accesses to the stands of the south end. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
The paving of the commercial street that will be at the main façade of the stadium is very advanced. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
Terrace to access the upper stand of the west side. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
The parking located next to Avenida Luis Aragonés takes shape. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina