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The Progress of the Wanda Metropolitano

After the placing of the double exterior compression ring (the white structure over the stands) and the upper traction ring (the oval of steel cables that elevates over the pitch), the Wanda Metropolitano gets ready for the raising of the lower traction ring. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
While the lower traction ring of the roof remains on the lower stands in the background of the image, the workers connect the jacks with the radial cables that will serve to raise them. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
Once the lower traction ring is raised, it will connect with the floating supports that hang from the upper traction ring (the white diagonal bars that can be seen on the image). / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
When the two traction rings are connected, both will be raised to the highest point of the roof. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
Installation tests of the Teflon membrane on the compression ring at the north end of the Wanda Metropolitano. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
The canopy pieces of the roof ate ready on the lands located in front of the stadium's façade, waiting to be assembled and raised to their final position. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
The project envisages recycling rainwater to water the pitch and clean the platform. To this end, there are several tanks to accumulate the rainwater. In the image you can see the work being done in the north end. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
Placing of the cable trays of the facilities in the galleries to access the upper stands. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.