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The installation of the seats in the lower stand progresses

The installation of the seats of the lower stand has begun in the southeast corner. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
The placing of LG's LED ribbon board, located between the middle and lower stand, now extends throughout the east side. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
The installation of the structures for the seats of the east side are ready to continue installing seats. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
The works for the drainage system of the pitch have begun. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
The black structures that are being placed in the ditch will help with the sanitation of the drainage. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
The installation of the upper and lower part of the projection progresses in the west stand. In the image, you can see the left part (darker), in which the upper projection has been installed and the right part in which it has not. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
The installation of the seats that make up the name of the club over the middle stand has begun. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
Amazing view of the radial panels from the pitch. Except for a small opening in the south end, the polytetrafluorethylene membrane now covers the entire stand. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
As the interior radial panels and the exterior projection are advancing, work is being done on the heat sealing of the pieces that will protect the spectators from the rain. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
Spectacular image of the projection from the southeast car park. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.