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The action from Rayo-Atleti

Minute of silence before kick-off. / PHOTO: Álvaro Campo.
Carrasco started on the left wing. / PHOTO: Álvaro Campo.
Antoine Griezmann scored his first goal of the season. / PHOTO: Álvaro Campo.
Griezmann celebrates his goal with Witsel and Hermoso. / PHOTO: Álvaro Campo.
Strong shot from outside the area by the Dutch striker. / PHOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez.
Atleti's 9 made his well-known celebration. / PHOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez.
Memphis also scored in the Red & White victory. / PHOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez.
Molina was a starter and scored his first goal this season. / PHOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez.
The Argentinian scored again in Vallecas, as he did last season. / PHOTO: Álvaro Campo.
The full-back celebrates his goal in anger. / PHOTO: Álvaro Campo.
Morata did his bit with a brace. / PHOTO: Álvaro Campo.
The Spanish striker became a luxury revulsive. / PHOTOGRAPH: Álvaro Campo.
Correa, the smartest in the class as always. / PHOTO: Álvaro Campo.
Celebration with a dedication as usual for Angelito. / PHOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez.
Álvaro celebrates his second goal of the night with effusiveness. / PHOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez.
Llorente came on in the second half and had time to score his goal. / PHOTO: Álvaro Campo.