It's time to place the stands of the private boxes

The VIP spaces will be in the middle stands and will encircle the stadium. The view from the suites of the Neptuno-Atlético de Madrid Premium in the north end will be spectacular. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
The stands over which the seats of the suites have been placed. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
Several lifts will facilitate the access to the VIP areas of the east side from the stadium's underground car park. / PHOTO: Álex Marín
The seats of the VIP ring will have a privileged view of the playing field. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
All the seats of the Neptuno-Atlético de Madrid Premium will be open to the stands to enjoy the characteristic atmosphere of our fans. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
The boxes will be available for the fans and companies who book them on days when no matches are played for meetings or events. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
The corners of the east side will have glass windpws to the outside and the playing field. Open and bright spaces that will be spectacular. / PHOTO: Álex Marín
The big windows will allow to follow the activities that will be organised in the surroundings of the stadium. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina