The placing of corridors and stairs begins

Placing of the precast concrete pieces that will create the stairs and corridors of the upper stand. / Photo: Álex Marín
Placing of the auxiliary structure that will protect the stands for when the cables that unite the compression (outside) and the traction ring (inside) extend over it. / Photo: Álex Marín
Detail of the adaptation and renovation works of the west stand. / Photo: Álex Marín
West stand of the stadium. / Photo: Álex Marín
The assembly work of the compression ring of the roof advance around the stadium. / Photo: Álex Marín.
The workers, during the assembly process. / Photo: Álex Marín
The metallic structure will be raised and create the compression ring. / Photo: Álex Marín
The roof will be one of the most iconic elements of our new stadium. / Photo: Álex Marín.