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First illumination tests and progress of the roof and stands

Last Thursday, the first tests by our official illumination provider, Philips Lighting started at the Wanda Metropolitano. / Photo: Alberto Molina.
The tests were done on the South end of the stadium, making use of the superior and inferior membranes of the projection that has been installed already. / Photo: Alberto Molina.
The projection will have 96 mesh panels drilled in the inferior area and 96 PTFE impermeable in the superior. / Photo: Alberto Molina.
The red and white colors can be seen on the roof of the Wanda Metropolitano even in the daylight. / Photo: Alberto Molina.
The red gutters will help to lead the raining water to the collectors in the platform that goes around the building. / Photo: Alberto Molina.
These structures, along with the illumination, will add the color touch to the roof. To circle all the perimeter there will be almost 300 pieces to be installed. / Photo: Alberto Molina.
The water will fall because of the gravity through the holes that the gutters above the collectors have. / Photo: Alberto Molina.
On the outside, the progress of the commercial façade is obvious too. It will connect the Wanda Metropolitano with the Estadio Metropolitano metro station. / Photo: Alberto Molina.
Inside the building, the installation of the seats keeps going on. The work is now happening in the middle stand. / Photo: Alberto Molina.
Impressive image of the stands of the Wanda Metropolitano from the area reserved for the playing field. / Photo: Alberto Molina.
Detail of the compartmentalization of the lower part in the West stands. / Photo: Alberto Molina.
The installation of the seats also keeps going on in the middle stand of the North end. / Photo: Alberto Molina.
There are less and less radial panels left to complete the surface of the roof above the stands. / Photo: Alberto Molina.
Spectacular image of the traction ring above the playing field. / Photo: Alberto Molina.