A year of memories in the Wanda Metropolitano!

16 September 2017: The ‘Patrulla Águila’ crossed the sky of Madrid to draw the Spanish flag in the preview of Atlético - Málaga.
16 September 2017: In the minutes leading up to kick-off, several Air Force paratroopers landed on the center of the field in homage to Atlético Aviación.
16 September 2017: His Majesty King Felipe VI presided over the inaugural match of the Wanda MEtropolitano.
16 September 2017: At the end of the match, all the atléticos enjoyed a fireworks display.
16 September 2017: Gabi wore the captain's armband and a shirt to be remembered.
16 September 2017: 68,000 flags received our team at the premiere of the Wanda Metropolitano
16 September 2017: Antoine Griezmann scored the first goal in thehistory of Wanda Metropolitano
On 16 September 2017, we inaugurated the Wanda Metropolitano with a 1-0 victory against Málaga.
16 September 2017: Our XI for the first match in the Wanda Metropolitano
16 September 2017: José Eulogio Gárate, an atlético legend, was in charge of the honor serve.
16 September 2017: Antoine Griezmann was the first goalscorer in the history of our stadium.
16 September 2017: Our house looked like this before kick-off.
16 September 2017: The Atlético de Madrid Store dresses in its best to welcome the the 'red-and-white' fans at the Wanda Metropolitano.
16 September 2017: Walk of Legends was ready. Players with at least 100 official matches in the club's first team have their recognition.
17 November 2017: 'El Oso y el Madroño' were placed in the vicinity of the stadium the day before the first derby.
18 November 2017: The first-ever derby at the Wanda Metropolitano ended 0-0. Before kick-off, the stadium held a moment of silence for Feliciano Rivilla.
28 October 2017: All the atléticos enjoyed the first Fan Club Celebration Day at the Wanda Metropolitano. Music, food and soccer, the perfect match.
5 February 2018: The snow covered the Wanda Metropolitano for the first time. We have wonderful photos of this day!.
28 February 2018: Antoine Griezmann scored the fouth goal. He scored the first goal poker in the history of our stadium.
28 February 2018: A historic night for Antoine Griezmann at the Wanda Metropolitano. The Frenchman scored four goals against Leganés and surpassed the mark of 100 goals for our club.
17 March 2018: Atlético de Madrid Femenino played the first-ever derby at the Wanda Metropolitano against Madrid CFF. The atmosphere lived, spectacular.
27 March 2018: The Wanda Metropolitano hosted the first international match of its history. The friendly game hosted Spain-Argentina.
5 April 2018: Our Europa League match against Sporting CP was a special one for our legend Paulo Futre. He watched the two teams he loves face off in the UEFA Europa League quarter-finals and before kick-off received a lovely tribute by both sets of fans.
5 April 2018: Children were the main protagonists of the day, living a Día del niño full of fun.
15 April 2018: The Wanda Metropolitano received the team with a spectacular tifo to celebrate Atlético de Madrid's 115th birthday
21 April 2018: The Wanda Metropolitano hosted the first final of its history. The Copa del Rey hosted the Sevilla - Barcelona.
3 May 2018: The team needed to beat Arsenal to reach the final of the Europa League. The fans filled the Wanda Metropolitano to support our team.
3 May 2018: Diego Costa beat Ospina to score the winner against Arsenal. Lyon were closer than ever.
3 May 2018: Our team sealed a place in the Europa League final after beating Arsenal 1-0. Wanda Metropolitano celebrated in style.
3 May 2018: Saúl celebrating our qualification for the Europa League final. It was also his 200th official match for our club.
6 May 2018: The 'Juvenil A' does a lap of honour at the Wanda Metropolitano. The lads won the double after winning the league and 'Copa de Campeones'.
16 May 2018: Thousands of red and white fans vibrated in the stands of our stadium when we won the Europa League against Olympique Marseille.
20 May 2018: A stunning tifo at the Wanda Metropolitano to say goodbye to Fernando Torres.
20 May 2018: The Wanda Metropolitano, on his feet, listen attentively to Fernando Torres’ words in his farewell.
20 May 2018: In his last official match for our club, Fernando Torres captained our side and scored two goals!
20 May 2018: No one wanted to miss his farewell party.
20 May 2018: José Eulogio Gárate hands a commemorative plaque to Fernando Torres after he defended our kit for the 404th time. From 9 to 9, from a legend to a legend.
20 May 2018: Gabi gave Fernando Torres a shirt signed by his teammates and coaching staff. From captain to captain
20 May 2018: From Kid to Legend. An emotional farewell for Fernando Torres at the Wanda Metropolitano
20 May 2018: Torres offered words full of memories, feeling and gratitude to the atlético fans.
14 June 2018: It was Bruno Mars time!
23 June 2018: We were ready to rock with Iron Maiden
Gabi said 'see you soon' to ou club at the Wanda Metropolitano's auditorium.
11 August 2018: Joao Miranda received a heartfelt tribute at the Wanda Metropolitano
25 August 2018: Antoine Griezmann scored the only goal of the match against Rayo Vallecano. The first goal in the Wanda Metropolitano in the 2018/19 season,
25 August 2018: The lads celebrating our UEFA Super Cup success
25 August 2018: To celebrate our Super Cup glory, we partied with our fans at the Wanda Metropolitano.