A badge with history

1903. The first club crest was the same as that used the club Athletic Bilbao, showing the linkage of our home. The crest contained intertwined initials on a ball that was surrounded by a blue circle.
1917. This year a new club badge was designed showing key elements of the city of Madrid: the bear and the ‘Madroño’ tree, between seven stars and six red and white stripes, very similar to todays.
1939. After the Civil War, Atletico Madrid merged with the National Aviation, leading to Athletic - Aviation Club de Madrid. The existing badge was adapted with wings and the royal crown being added. This evolution also saw four red and four white replacing the six.
1947. When the club split from the Ministry of Air, the badge lost its wings and crown taking a more simplistic design similar to today making a more acute in the bottom, reaching design today.
2008. On 1 January 2008 a new club badge was revealed displaying a more corporate log.
2017. The badge evolves respecting the club's history and supporting our most representative colors. In honor to Madrid, the bear and the strawberry tree are gaining importance and the upper part of the badge is slightly rounded as a gesture to the first emblem of the club.