We join Ria Money Transfer to recognise all the people who "play away from home".

João Félix, Griezmann and Correa star in the spot for our sponsor, the world's leading money transfer company, which is a tribute to all those who have to leave home and give their all in search of opportunities.

João Félix, Antoine Griezmann and Ángel Correa are the protagonists of the latest campaign of Ria Money Transfer, the world's leading money transfer company and sponsor of our club.

The spot - launched in the week of Mother's Day - celebrates the value of those who "play away from home" after leaving his place and achieve their dreams, and those of their loved ones, away from home. The short film, which is dedicated "to all the dreamers of the world", is also inspired by the fighting spirit of our team and will be visible in all the international markets where Ria is present.

The ad starts with Edison's breakfast on his birthday, when his mother takes the opportunity to give him his present: the second jersey of our team. The boy asks her why she has given him that particular shirt and it is in his mother's answer where the message of the advert is: "it is not the second one, it is the shirt for playing 'away from home', as we are doing".

The shirt, representative of the away games we play, is what identifies and gives courage to those who embark on a journey away from their home country in order to fulfil their dreams.