Villamanía arrived in Los Angeles de San Rafael

Atletico Madrid returned to training after a day and a half of rest granted by Diego Pablo Simeone. A triple working session for Atletico with the additions of Villa, Godin, Manquillo, Saul, Óliver Torres and Peral.

The three sessions on Tuesday were marked by the presence of about 600 fans at the afternoon session to watch the players put through their paces. The squad was joined by Villa, Godin, Manquillo, Saul, Óliver Torres and youth keeper Peral. In the two morning sessions, the 25 players who returned to the training camp on Monday evening were up early on Tuesday for the first working session on the football field in Los Angeles de San Rafael, which lasted for an hour and a quarter. At 7:40 hours Atletico started the demanding training aimed to work the speed, strength and aggressiveness.

Pulido and Pizzi were the players who remained in Madrid. The training began with 20 minutes of physical work for everyone, including three goalkeepers, Courtois, Asenjo and Bono. Then the goalkeepers did some work with Pablo Vercellone as the group performed a ball control and touch exercise to move on to another two against two with two poles on each side as a goalkeeper, looking to finish by scoring a goal.

After this 20 minutes spell, Oscar Ortega prepared various exercises in which groups were rotating. In two of the exercises, the players had to defend a goal, another was running with a weight vest on before taking it off and shooting at goal as well as doing a circuit of jumps and speed controls measured by computer. They also had to perform a slalom with a weight vest and shoot at goal. The last one was sprinting and jumping to head the ball again with a weight vest on. This phase lasted 25 minutes to finish off the first session of the day. The second working session of the day is in the gym for an hour divided into two groups.

In the afternoon session, Ruben Perez was not with the team as it was confirmed late in the afternoon that he had been loaned out to Elche. The session was made up with the additions of new signing David Villa, the Uruguay internationals Godin and Manquillo and Spanish under 20 players Saul and Óliver. Juvenile goalkeeper Alvaro Peral also joined the session. The session lasted for two hours in front of about 600 fans at the football field in Los Angeles de San Rafael.

The newcomers in the afternoon session were separated from the group, which was divided into Rondos, working with Carlos Menendez, fitness trainer who pu them through some continuous running and specific fitness work. Then the four keeper, Courtois, Asenjo, Bono and Pearl worked alone while the rest did some tactical work. The groups were made up of: Juanfran, Miranda, Demichelis, Filipe Luis, Koke, Gabi, Mario, Arda Turan, Adrian and Diego Costa. The second group consisted of: Milla, Nacho Cabrera, Insua, Raul Garcia, Tiago, Ivi, Aquino, Samuel Villa and Baptistão.

The evening ended with a game in limited space. The teams were made up of: Courtois, Juanfran, Miranda, Demichelis, Filipe Luis, Raul Garcia, Koke, Tiago, Arda Turan, Adrian and Diego Costa. Against Asenjo, Milla, Nacho Cabrera, Insua, Samuel Villa, Gabi, Mario, Ivi; Baptistão and Aquino.