Valera: “We’ll do everything we can to earn the three points”

The ‘rojiblanco’ player assured that the squad is behind their coach “to death”

Juan Valera believes that the team has had a good week of practice as they prepare for this Saturday’s match-up with Valencia. The defender assured that “we’ve been working well. We’re all mentally focused on winning the match. We want to play well and get some very necessary points.”

The Atlético de Madrid player doesn’t understand the reasons for the inconsistency of the squad and said that “I don’t know what’s causing this lack of consistency. We’re not doing well and we players are aware of that. We’re going to try an earn that victory, which would give us that tranquillity that we need. We’re going to do everything we can to earn the three points.

“We stay away from everything that is said about the manager. We’re behind him to death, and he feels the same about us. We all want him to stay. We’re going to play a good match for ourselves and our supporters,”
he stated.

The Atlético de Madrid right back knows that the goal set at the beginning of the season is going to be tough to accomplish and explained that “being realistic, Champions League is very far away. Now we have to take things step-by-step. We know that in the event that we don’t beat Valencia that our goal would become very complicated. The Club has to be amongst the best in Europe and we all want to play in Champions League.”

Regarding the mental state of the team, Juan assured that we have to beat Valencia to gain confidence. It doesn’t matter how we play, the important thing is the points. All three of them are necessary to cleanse our minds.”

The footballer is clear what the team is playing for against Valencia. We have to come out stuck in from the opening kick-off. We have a lot on the line and surely the fans will be behind the team; it wouldn’t be very pleasant to receive whistling from our own supporters,” he asserted.

Juan Valera has been enjoying Quique’s confidence in recent matches. We have to be ready for whatever the gaffer decides at the end of each week. We have to train hard and then he has to decide. Two weeks ago I started and the next week I wasn’t included in the team sheet. Players have to train well and try to play as well as possible every day,” he opined.

It’s a match that’s different from the Europa League one from last season. The referee will try to have his best possible game and not influence the result. We’re going to try and play well so that we can earn the three points,” Juan Valera wrapped up.