The 'rojiblanco' players regret the defeat and start thinking about Zaragoza

Godin: 'It was too harsh; we had a solid game'

Diego Godin was greatly bothered by the defeat and for his sending-off in a play with Joaquin. The Uruguyan central defender said after the game that: 'The team didn't play badly. On the contrary, we played, we got into the game, we ran, created chances and missed a penalty. Valencia hardly shot at goal. I think we have been punished too harshly considering what we deserved to get from the game. We had the chances to win and we defended well. Then, on a break, they score. We had a solid game and we go away with a defeat, that or me, is too harsh.'

He recognises that the teams objectives are now a far cry away as qualifying for Champions League is complicated. 'Looking ahead, we are miles away and everything is very complicated. As I said a week ago, you have to focus on one game at a time. The effort that we put in against Valencia didn't pay off and we have to keep working and give a bit more. It's what we have to do, work and go and win the next match. The group is at an emotional low. It's been a tough blow because we put lots of effort in to move things forward and to lose three points as we did today, is too much punishment.'
With regard to his sending-off, the 'charrua' (Uruguyan) stated: 'The play of the sending-off is amazing because I was running and bumped into him. I put out my forearm between his shoulder and neck but it's no elbow and I haven't gone in meaning to hurt him.'

For his part, the Atletico player, Juan Valera assures that he left feeling frustrated, as 'The team did everything to win, we came out up for it, creating chances, infinite corners, pushing up front.... but today football's been unfair with Atletico.'

The right-back said: 'The solution is to get a positive reult as soon as possible to regain people's confidence. It was a very complicated game today because we all knew what was at stake, we should get credit for the fact that we came out as we did, because it was tough. We need a victory as soon as possible to change the tone.'

As far as the morale in the dressing goes, Valera assured that Quique Sanchez Flores 'Given how angry he is, as we all are, he's the first to give encouragement, to tell us that we've done things well and that we've got to keep rowing, nothing else we can do. We are realists, and the Champions League has become complicated. But we're going to try and win a game as soon as and try and get inot the european places'.