The club will change its badge as of the 2024-25 season

The majority of the 77,690 members who have participated in the vote have chosen to return to the previous badge, which will represent the club again as of July 1, 2024.

77,690 Atlético de Madrid members, out of a total of 138,881, which represents 56% of the census, have participated in the binding vote that the club began last Wednesday to decide which badge will represent us. The Red & White family has set an example of passion and love for Atleti, participating massively and without any type of incidence in such an important matter. This fact once again confirms the enormous commitment of our members to their team and the existence of different sensitivities that we must respect because they all work towards a common good: Atlético de Madrid.

In the vote you could choose between the current badge and the previous one to decide which of the two should represent the club. A notary duly recorded both the process carried out and its result, which was also seen first-hand by several members of the Social Commission present. 68,894 members, 88.68% of those who have participated and which represents 49.61% of the census, opted for the previous badge while 8,796 members, 11.32% of those who participated and which represents 6.33 % of the census, they did it for the current one.

In response to this majority vote of our members, as of July 1, 2024 the previous badge will once again be the official one of our club. This is a complex, massive and costly process, but one that has the commitment of the Board of Directors.

The club will take the necessary steps so that the agreed badge can be displayed from July 1, 2024 on physical media (stadium, Academy venues, signage), virtual environments, social networks, applications and website, licensees (millions of products of more than 4,000 references) and on third-party media (televisions around the world, competitions, videogames), as well as with our technical sponsor, Nike, so that the badge can appear on the kits for the 2024-25 season, through despite the fact that they are already in the manufacturing process. The design of the first kit was already approved by the Social Commission in one of its first meetings.

Our current badge will become part of the family of badges and emblems that have accompanied us throughout our history. A story that began with the one from 1903, inherited from Athletic Club Bilbao, and to which we are paying tribute on its 120th anniversary with a blue and white second kit that we released on April 26 against Real Mallorca. A story in which the winged badge of Atlético Aviación also occupies a prominent place, with which we won the first two leagues (1939-40 and 1940-41) and the current one, with which the last three titles have been won, (The Europa League against Olympique de Marseille in Lyon, the European Super Cup in Tallinn against Real Madrid and the mythical League won on that unforgettable day in Valladolid). The philosophy of Atlético de Madrid is to embrace and remember its history, which begins a new stage with the return to the previous badge.