The club pays special tribute to the thousands of enthusiasts who longed for the return of the 1947 crest

The transformation process is challenging and is expected to take a few months to fully implement, starting on July 1st and already showing up in the most iconic places. A huge flag has symbolically been hoisted today at the Cívitas Metropolitano to accompany the unveiling of the wonderful spot.

By overwhelming majority, back on June 30th 2023, the members of Atlético de Madrid voted for the return of the former version of the crest to represent us today. It was the conclusive outcome of the binding consultation passed days before by the club's Board of Directors.

In slightly more than a month, as of July 1, 2024, the official return of the club's crest will take place. However, and given the fact that the season of fixtures in our stadium has already closed, the club sought to bring forward the long-awaited return of the 1947 version of the crest. And they've done it in style: at the same time that thousands of Atleti fans around the world discovered the new Sra Rushmore spot on the screens of their phones, the flag of the Cívitas Metropolitano that has waved since its inauguration was replaced by another of similar size but with the crest elected by our members.

Again, Mrs. Rushmore

They've nailed it again. Our colleagues at Sra. Rushmore always thrill us and put a smile on our faces. The team headed by Miguel García Vizcaíno and Marta Rico has managed to brilliantly reflect the rojiblanco feeling in this two-minute 'film' based on a true story and produced by Lee Films. The club picked this story from among hundreds of testimonials from fans who shared their passion for our club in a variety of ways and experiences.

Embracing history by gazing into the future

From July 1st, our current crest –released in 2017– will now become part of the family of crests and emblems that have depicted our club over the course of our history. A legacy that began with the 1903 coat of arms, inherited from Athletic Club de Bilbao, to which we have paid tribute on its 120th anniversary with this season's second blue-and-white kit. In this tale there is also a prominent place for the winged crest of Atlético Avación that symbolized us in the two first two league conquests (in the 1939-40 season; and in 1940-41); so does the current crest featuring our last three achieved titles (the Europa League against Olympique Marseille in Lyon, the European Super Cup in Tallinn against Real Madrid and the mythical 2020-21 League conquered on that memorable afternoon in Valladolid). In fact, the current crest also served to represent the women's team in its conquest of the two leagues (2017-18 and 2018-19), the Spanish Super Cup in 2021 and the Copa de la Reina this year. However, they are not the only crests in our history, although they are maybe the most fondly recalled among the many and many versions we have sported over the last twelve decades. Atlético de Madrid's motto is to always embrace and remember its history, always keeping an eye on the future. A new phase is already underway with the return to the old crest, which will officially represent us in just a month's time.

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