The Academy introduces a new campus in Miami

Following its international expansion strategy, the Academy sets in motion the opening of a new headquarters in Florida in collaboration with US partners Development & Scouting and Lecel Soccer Academy.

Within the international expansion strategy of the Atlético de Madrid Academy, lies the inauguration of a new headquarters in Miami. The United States has long been a strategic market for the Academy and this new venture will become the first project in the country.

Featuring our technical staff who will supervise and coordinate the Miami campus, our methodology aims to provide a comprehensive education and training for boys and girls.

This new venture is set to be a long-term project in which we aim to create synergies between the two countries through sports. The club believes soccer to be a powerful tool in education, and these international investments enable us to educate through our philosophy and key values, which are: team work, effort, sacrifice, persistence, solidarity, integrity, and the spirit of constant improvement.

In order to set the project in motion, the Academy has partnered with Development & Scouting and Lecel Soccer Academy. Both are strategic partners in the country whose initiatives offer society new opportunities for growth through education and core values.

Soccer is increasingly gaining popularity in Miami and the United States will be hosting the 2026 World Cup, creating an attractive environment for growth and development in the near future.