Technology and fans come together for a unique experience at the Cívitas Metropolitano

The fans present at the stadium appeared in our "Selfie Cam" through the video scoreboards, broadcasting through their phones.

In our last match played at the Cívitas Metropolitano, the fans lived a unique experience in Europe. During the pre-match, the attendees were able to connect to our video scoreboards using their cell phones as cameras, becoming the real protagonists during the warm-up of both teams.

The dynamic was simple: through the digital supports of the stadium, we showed the QR to all the fans present before the match. They only had to scan it to connect to the "Selfie Cam".

The result was a complete success. Thousands of cameras recording simultaneously, waiting to share how they lived the pre-match with the rest of the fans at the Cívitas Metropolitano.

The increase in the use of mobile devices has been seen as one of the great challenges for traditional sporting events. However, at Atlético de Madrid, we are committed to integrating these hybrid experiences, connecting fans more with each other, and always offering them an innovative experience.