Our away kit for the 2016/17 season

The new kit is now for sale on the online store and the physical stores of the club.

The away kit of the team for the 2016/17 season is now for sale. A spectacular black kit, with navy blue details and yellow socks.

The away kit, in black

The shirt has a modern round collar with a navy blue band on the back. The body of the shirt is black, with the sleeves and the shoulders forming a unique panel, also black, that highlights the power of the shoulders. 

In contrast to the shirt and shorts, the new socks of the away kit are yellow and have a linear pattern of calf in navy blue, highlighting the most dynamic body part of footballers, the lower extremities, to enhance their speed and show a colourful final detail.

The kit features the latest technology.
Thanks to Nike Dri-FIT, the shirts and shorts draw sweat away from the body, where it quickly evaporates. This allows the players to perform to their fullest, since they remain fresh, dry and more comfortable. The laser-cut ventilation holes and the mesh panels located in strategic points of the kit are designed to improve the performance, since they increase the air circulation and help to regulate the body temperature of the players.

The shirt and shorts of the kits are manufactured with recycled polyester, obtained from recycled plastic bottles that are melted to get a very fine thread. Each kit is manufactured using around 16 recycled bottles of plastic.