Our first NFT sneakers collection

Atlético de Madrid and WhaleFin join hands to launch a collection of 1,001 NFT soccer boots through STEPN. Fans who purchase the NFTs will be able to access exclusive products and experiences.

Atlético de Madrid and WhaleFin join forces with STEPN app to launch the first Genesis NFT sneakers collection. WhaleFin is Amber Group’s flagship digital asset platform, and Atlético de Madrid’s main sponsor. Moreover, WhaleFin is the club’s official Digital Wealth & Lifestyle partner.

STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app that promotes a healthy way of living, by encouraging users to exercise. While using the NFT sneakers, they will be rewarded according to their daily runs. Therefore, users can convert physical activity into tokens that can be used in-game through the app or redeemed as cash.

The collection will feature a total of 1,001 soccer boots that are stratified across Common, Uncommon and Rare. 850 sneakers are “Common” soccer boots named after Atlético de Madrid’s national and international trophies, featuring the date and place where the title was won. 140 sneakers are “Uncommon” soccer boots commemorating our stadiums. Lastly, the collection will be culminated with 11 “Rare” soccer boots numbered 1 through 11, alluding the number of players who get out on the pitch each game to defend our colors.

All available soccer boots are part of the Genesis collection, which will grant users exclusive benefits at STEPN and WhaleFin app. The Genesis sneakers will provide users a chance to win an exclusive experience consisting of a trip including a hotel stay and tickets to attend an Atlético de Madrid game at the Cívitas Metropolitano. Users who purchase “Uncommon” sneakers will receive an official Atlético de Madrid jersey. Lastly, by purchasing “Rare” sneakers, users will have exclusive access to an official jersey signed by the team’s captains.

The first round of its launch will consist of 200 sneakers, of which 180 will be released through WhaleFin. The release will also be supported by STEPN with an airdrop of 20 “Common” sneakers to its user base.

Users must be registered through the WhaleFin app to be able to purchase NFTs on the first launch. From today August 26 until September 2, you can now get a participation ticket, according to the terms and conditions published on the platform.

10% of the club’s sales profits will be destined to “Fundación Atlético de Madrid” to fund international schools using soccer as the key to impulse change. These projects will be in collaboration with “Cooperación Internacionl e Infancias Sin Fronteras”.

Annabelle Huang, Managing Partner at Amber Group said: “We are so excited to be part of this NFT Collection, and this launch is a significant milestone for Amber Group as we continue our work to go beyond digital wealth and into digital lifestyle, and empower Web2 businesses and brands like Atletico de Madrid transition into Web 3. As NFTs gain mainstream popularity, we want to show the utility of these digital assets online and offline and there is no better way to do this than with STEPN which is bridging the two worlds. Through this launch, we hope that more people will recognize the value of digital assets as our team continuously delivers new, innovative touchpoints for communities to migrate into Web3.”

Mable Jiang, the Chief Revenue Officer at STEPN said: “This partnership with WhaleFin and Atlético de Madrid will bring a unique experience to fans around the world and it is a first of its kind partnership for STEPN. Through this partnership, our goal is to connect the world of exercise to the web3 space and by providing tangible real-world rewards for the fans who hold a Genesis collection NFT. The launch of this collection is a pivotal step in our roadmap to unlock both the value of collectability and utility from NFTs and we see a huge potential to help our partners to better engage their audience with our product. We are excited to work alongside such a prestigious and well established organization to promote a healthy lifestyle and allow them to interact actively with its fanbase.”

Íñigo Aznar, the Chief Commercial Officer at Atlético de Madrid said: “This strategic alliance with WhaleFin opens a new world of possibilities for the club and for our fans worldwide. Exploring new ways to connect with our fan base and with communities like STEPN allows us to discover innovative possibilities offered by Web3”.