Metlife, the best signing the academy

Oscar Herencia, CEO of Metlife Iberia, and Enrique Cerezo publicly presented the agreement between the insurer and the Atletico academy in an event attended by Mario Suarez and Koke along with numerous other youth players and prominent personalities from the club.


Club Atlético de Madrid and Metlife, global leader in life insurance, personal accident and employee benefit programs, have signed the agreement this Monday February 18th which see’s the insurer sponsor the teams that make up the Academy for next season. The agreement also includes collaboration activity with the rojiblanca Foundation, which seeks to promote the development of the individual through sport and promoting healthy lifestyles that promoting coexistence, especially in youth sports.

The event was held in the VIP room of the Vicente Calderon Stadium and attended by Enrique Cerezo, president of Club Atlético de Madrid, and Oscar Herencia, Metlife CEO in Spain. They were joined by Antonio Alonso, vice president of Commercial at Club Atletico Madrid; Clemente Villaverde, director general manager of the club, Emilio Gutierrez, president of Marketing, Image and Corporate Affairs, Guillermo Moraleda, Commercial director, Jose Luis Perez Caminero, sports director; Carlos Aguilera, Director of grassroots; Adelard Rodriguez, president of the Atletico Madrid Foundation; Manolo Sanchez Delgado, technical director of the Foundation and Lola Romero, president of Atletico Madrid Féminas, among others. Mario Suarez and Koke also joined one of the most important dates for the 'future' of Club Atlético de Madrid, representing the first team.

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Koke and M.Suárez. PHOTO: Ángel Gutiérrez

Enrique Cerezo opened the event stating that "I’m proud to present a special and exclusive sponsorship, addressing a very important part of our club, which is the basis of our future, the academy. Our Club has opted for a sporting model based on the academy, so that more and more first team football players come from within our club and have been trained in our philosophy and our values".

"Mario and Koke are a clear demonstration that it is possible to fulfil this dream and continue your career at the club in which you were formed, even going on to become a start on the international stage. They are the role model for hundreds of players from our youth set up who dream of becoming professional footballers in the future", he admitted.

The Atletico president said that "today is key to this process, because as we always say our academy is the place where dreams are born, we have found a traveling companion who will support us so that the dreams of the young are made reality.

"The International expansion of Metlife aligns perfectly with the internationalisation plan of the brand of Atletico Madrid, which becomes a strategic partner in a country of interest to our organization and strengthens its global positioning . Today sees the union of two brands that share values ​​such as effort, confidence, healthy living, and protecting the family, and the values ​​of solidarity, integration and anti-diversity, in which both work through our Foundations. Atletico Madrid and Metlife are two companies that have an ongoing commitment to society. For this reason we believe that there are many opportunities available through this partnership and many goals we can achieve together in this way", he concluded.

Later, the CEO of Metlife Iberia, Oscar Herencia, said spoke after the president's words "We are proud to collaborate with Atletico since this agreement is the result of mutual understanding which shows the common values ​​that bind us to the Club and its Foundation. We started this journey excited, alongside the youth academy, all the boys in the Foundation, the girls of Atletico Ladies, so that in the future they have an international impact like Koke or Mario Suarez, David De Gea and Fernando Torres are having today. I am sure that with the human and professional qualities that are working at Atletico Madrid, with whom it has been a pleasure to make this agreement, it will be easy."

During the ceremony at the Vicente Calderon, a video starring Gabi, where the captain of the first team shares their best moments in the academy, and wishes well for the future generations of footballer in the club.

The insurance company will collaborate actively in the development from the Academy of Club Atlético de Madrid and its Foundation, conducting various promotional projects to publicise Metlife insurance solutions to members, subscribers and fans of the club.