The full back is only thinking about having a good game and getting a good result

Juanfran: "The team is looking forward"

Dani Barriga

The Europa League returns to the Calderón. A competition that comes along as the whole squad is focussed on the victory against Rubin as Juanfran Torres admitted in the press conference before the game. "The important thing is that we win. I’m just thinking about having a good game and getting a good result. In the knockout stages it is important to start well, have a good game and that's what we will try to do from the beginning. Trying to win, keeping a clean sheet and I am convinced that if we continue on the same line from the home games in to the away leg, we’ll get a good result.”

Without looking back, the defeat against Rayo is already forgotten and the European meeting is a good opportunity to regain the winning streak that Atletico hold at home. "The team is eager to start tomorrow's game. When you come from a defeat what you love most is you get the next game as soon as possible. We are fortunate to have to only wait a few day. I am convinced that the team will carry any of the negatives from the Rayo game in to the Rubin game" he said flatly.

Rubin has three Spanish player in its ranks with Orbaiz, Cesar Navas and Marcano, who know the Atletico players and Juanfran knows them. "I have spent many years in the first division and if I have faced all of them. They are great players who have gone there to try to do a great job with Rubin. It is good that Spanish players go abroad to help to improve. We know them and I'm sure they’ll be looking forward to facing a great team like Atletico," he said before leaving to train with the rest of the team.