Gregorio Manzano: 'Atletico had a great game against Udinese'

'Although the credit goes to the whole team, Adrian has been the decisive man'

Gregorio Manzano said after the win against Udinese in the fourth round of the Group Stage of the Europa League, in which Adrian was instrumental in the victory. 'A striker is measured by goals. Adrian has combined both, goals and a good game and, although the credit goes to the whole team has been the decisive man and I'm glad for him,' he said.   The Atletico coach said he is delighted with his team. 'We must be able to overcome the bumps, like we had after the game against Athletic Bilbao. You cannot throw it all away because of a bad result. We must continue in this line of work. Atletico have played ten games this season at the Calderon and have won seven and drawn three, with three 4-0,' said Manzano.   On the game against Udinese he said it was 'not  easy or comfortable. Atletico had a great game. '