Atletico Madrid have 30,000 tickets for the Cup final

In the coming days the Royal Spanish Football Federation will distribute the tickets, at which point the club will inform everyone of the days that they can be purchased based on the allocation criteria set out by the red and white’s.

Club Atlético de Madrid informs all its members, season ticket holders and supporters in general that the Royal Spanish Football Federation has confirmed that the club will be given a total capacity of 30,000 tickets to watch the game in the final of the Copa del Rey to be held on Friday 17 May 2013 at 21:30 at the Bernabeu.

The cup final tickets will be distributed as follows:

- 85% of income, which means a total of 25,500 tickets, will be made available to club members and club members.
- The remaining 15%, which means a total of 4,500 tickets, will be reserved for the club to meet the demand of the different groups that make up the club (with the exception of members and season ticket holders, club members and supporters in general): Board of Directors, sponsors and institutions, players and coaches of the first team players and youth football coaches, former players and club employees.

The 25,500 tickets intended for fans will be distributed as follows:

- 2,200 tickets will go to Atletico supporters clubs in Spain and abroad.
- 23,300 tickets will go to the club, at the rate of one ticket per member.

The two factors which determine priority to tickets are: Possession in the 2012-2013 season ticket and the length of time that you’ve been a member. Priority goes to the full season ticket holders, then League season ticket holders and then non season ticket holding members.

In the coming days, and once the club receives the final confirmation from the RFEF of the date on which the entries will be physically available, Atletico Madrid will inform their fans of the exact days that the tickets can be purchased.

Tribuna lateral Este y Oeste

275 euros

Primer Anfiteatro Este y Oeste 245 euros
Grada Alta y Baja Este y Oeste 220 euros
Segundo Anfiteatro Este y Oeste 190 euros
Tercer Anfiteatro Este y Oeste 135 euros
Cuarto Anfiteatro Este y Oeste 100 euros
Tribuna Fondo Norte
165 euros
Primer Anfiteatro Fondo Norte
140 euros
Grada Alta y Baja Fondo Norte
125 euros
Segundo Anfiteatro Fondo Norte
100 euros
Tercer Anfiteatro Fondo Norte
75 euros
Cuarto Anfiteatro Fondo Norte
50 euros
Grada Joven Fondo Norte
50 euros
Wheelchair  50 euros