Atlético de Madrid is in the Top 15 of the Money League

In the report produced by Deloitte, the prestigious consulting company, the enormous percentage growth of our Club in Facebook and Twitter is also highlighted, the largest in the Top 20.

Deloitte, the prestigious consulting company has published the 18th edition of their 'Deloitte Football Money League' report, in which they analyse the financial behaviours of the club's in the 2013-14 season and establishes a ranking of the 20 most powerful entities in the football world. Atlético de Madrid, which appeared in the previous edition in the Top 20 with 120 million Euros in revenues, has climbed five positions in this ranking inn the last campaign thanks to the 169,9 million deposited.

Other non-financial aspects are analysed in the study but they are closely related to the potential of the clubs included in this ranking. One of them is the presence and monitoring of entities in social networks. In them, Atlético de Madrid is listed as the Club with the highest growth experienced in the last campaign by a wide margin. We have grown a 512% in Facebook followers and 133% on Twitter, which has led our entity to occupy the 14th place in the social networks’ followers ranking that it has been produced by Deloitte, with 9.8 million on Facebook and 1.4 on Twitter.

Another piece of information that we should highlight from the 'Deloitte Football Money League' report is that Atlético de Madrid is the only club in the TOP 20 that won their country’s League championship and is not among the top ten of the ranking, thus confirming the great difficulty of winning the Championship.